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students working in a library

The Brenda Brown 图书馆 is a central place of gathering, studying, and learning at Branson.

每一天, students can be found studying before the fire on a cold day, in a quiet study carrel, or working with their classmates on a group project. Throughout your time at Branson, the library will be a go-to resource as you learn research and digital literacy skills and how to navigate dozens of scholarly, college-level databases.

The growing collections of print and digital materials are chosen to support our diverse and evolving curriculum and grow students’ love of reading. The library provides a welcoming environment where students develop a deeper understanding of the research process, become part of a scholarly community, and connect with one another.

student reading a book in the library with a mask on
students wearing masks working at a table in the library
students wearing masks studying in the library
librarians smiling holding books in the library
teachers and alumni author smiling on the library porch
Alum and current teachers smiling

Meet Our 图书馆 工作人员

Michelle Baumert

Michelle Baumert

Front Desk Attendant (图书馆)
Charlotte King-Mills

Charlotte King-Mills

图书管理员 & Digital Literacy Specialist

图书馆 Hours

7:30 am - 5:30 pm

7:30 am - 4:30 pm


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